Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Parties

Ok, so this Sunday I will be watching the Super Bowl, but with a bitter taste in my mouth, since my team is not playing! So I thought we might have a chat about entertaining and having company to spread some game day cheer. You can make your Super Bowl gathering any size, but just be sure to have enough food, drinks, napkins, paper towels, plates, utensils, and other disposable items. Also it's a good idea to designate a bathroom for guest use and notify them of such. I like to have the Kleenex disposable hand towels on occasions that call for lots of hand wash because they keep the spread of germs at bay. I know everyone has been at a large gathering where you use the restroom and when you go to dry your hands, yuck! wet towel.  Hostess, this is poor taste, don't fall into that category. Be a good hostess and check out

Make sure you have a variety of beverages: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You also need to be sensitive to food allergies and sensitive stomachs. If you are planning to have an actual meal and forgo finger foods and snacks, let your guest be aware so they can save up their appetites. Dips go over great in crowds so put any type of dip in a large bowl with a spoon to prevent double dipping. Have everything set up buffet style so you are not running around everywhere and it can make your guest feel more welcome. You may want to put out some peppermint hard candies to combat any spicy food you served. Make simple dishes so that you are not stressed or tired from cooking all day. Above all, just enjoy! Enjoy some good football and friends/ family. Next year, Steelers!!!

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