Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I refuse to stay in the box!

The title of this post may have you questioning my sanity and/or choice of topics, right? Well by the time you are finished reading this post I hope I inspire you to feel better about yourself, limit your time spent with people unworthy of you, or do something you've put off or shoved away. Did you realize that people put you in a "box" or "category"?
 For example, when I bought P90X I wish I had just done the program and not said a word about the purchase. Why? Because the response I got was the same, a smug laugh! Do you know why I bought the program? I watched other people in the infomercial (just like me) transform themselves. People that "know" you or have a significant amount of contact with you cannot mentally process you changing the dynamic of the relationship. Whether they admit it or not people need to know you are one of the following: their equal or you're inferior to them. Is this true? Absolutely not!
Allow me to leave you with an example, I know someone that met their partner, got married, and moved away. Every single person that knows her has said' "she'll be back." Well, she's not ever came back and I believe will not be back. I'm happy for this person, but I never put her in a "box".
Are you afraid to do something or reach a goal because of those around you? I say feel the fear and do it anyway. Grow, expand, shine, you see when someone is pulling you down, it's because they know they'll never go up!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1 Week P90X complete

Well readers today was my last workout in the first week stretch and I get a rest day tomorrow.  We did our workout this morning so we can really have a vacation, now that doesn't mean we are going off our eating plan. We just feel like we accomplished so much that we are excited to enjoy that  earned rest day. I am really looking forward to the weeks ahead in my fitness journey. After only one week I am noticing a nice improvement in my flexibility. Over the next few weeks  I will lose10 pounds, and  increase  my strength and flexibility. I do believe I will reach this goal and feel terrific when its complete.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fit Friday!

It's Fit Friday, Memorial weekend, and Mother Nature is giving us a preview of summer. Geesh! I don't know  if I can keep up with everything. What are your plans for this weekend? I already have the family graves decorated. I have some flower seeds to plant and we've trimmed some small trees in my back yard. All of these activities burn calories.
We also started P90X yesterday to see where our fitness level can go in the next 90 days. This is an exciting adventure to take us into summer. I wont lie to you this workout is a challenge, but it's nothing we cannot conquer. Could we do everything the first time? No, but we will doing all of it by the end of our 90 days. When doing a new workout program make sure you take it easy the first time through. You need to focus on proper form to protect your joints and back. I hope some of you join me in the future to try your own new challenge. I have one you can try starting today: Beginning today park as far away from the entrance of anywhere you go. I do this myself unless I have my Mother. You will get in more steps, have less stress ( you are not playing the space finding game) and you leave closer spaces for the elderly, handicapped, or a lady that is pregnant. Don't you feel better about yourself already? Now get out there and enjoy this long weekend. Stay hydrated.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


This weekend our niece graduated from high school and we are so proud of her. She's young, smart, and beautiful with so many opportunities ahead of her. She is planning to become a nurse which I find thrilling because it shows me she enjoys helping people. Many of our young people are starting to make lifelong decisions pertaining to education, military, and  occupations.   The world we live in is changing so rapidly which I find can be to our advantage; young and old. In this life you can achieve any goal you seek. I want to take a moment to wish Graduates across the nation in all levels of education Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Going Meatless

Have you ever gone meatless for a specific period of time or for just one meal? I try to have at least one day per week that I am meatless and when I do more than one day I'm all the more thrilled. When I go meatless I personally feel better and I know I am doing my body and digestive system a huge favor. Many years ago my family discovered that we are prone to colon cancer. I was in my early 30's and had polyps removed from my colon. When I went for a second colonoscopy and had polyps removed again the doctor wanted to know what on earth I was eating! My doctor informed me that with genetics like mine I would fare better with a diet low on red meat. He didn't say no red meat, but to take it easy. In the beginning it was a challenge but now I feel empowered knowing that I can control my body and health. It feels good to know that choices I'm making today lead to better tomorrow's.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I am happy to say that I am closer to being back to 100% since my knee injury. I had a few weeks with no activity, a week or so with 2 workout days per week and now I am up to three days per week. I am currently doing a 45-55 minute session one day per week! A very valuable lesson I have learned is shoes. One must really shell out the money for a good pair and the shoe must be traded in quite frequent. The way things look, I will get 3 months wear from my shoes. But the purchase of new shoes is a small price compared to doctor visits, x-rays, and no activity. To the left is a photo of my latest purchase the Nike Air Max. This shoe is comfort and cushion combined with a hefty price tag attached. I wont complain too much because with this shoe and my knee brace I'm no longer a stir crazed couch potato.

Friday, May 11, 2012

East Coast Flair: Mother's Day

East Coast Flair: Mother's Day: Hello everyone! I hope this day finds you well and surrounded in light and love. This weekend we'll be celebrating Mother's and I can't thin...

Mother's Day

Hello everyone! I hope this day finds you well and surrounded in light and love. This weekend we'll be celebrating Mother's and I can't think of anyone better to celebrate. If you're like me the card and present is already in place. This year I ordered my Mom's gift and due to a packing mistake she will have the card but no gift. I was very disappointed and had to tell Mom but she didn't mind at all. That's just Mom for you! You see, Mothers do not care what we buy or if we buy anything, they just want to be loved. Mothers like spending time with their families. Material gifts come and go, but nothing can replace the warmth of love, truly caring, and cherished moments shared. So this Sunday make sure your Mom knows how much you love her. If you cannot do so in person, call her. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Magic

At this time I am reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. This book really brings The Secret and the meaning behind it to a whole new light. This book takes you on a 28 day journey that encourages and teaches you how to practice gratitude in various areas of your life. I love this book and may re-read The Secret when I finish this book. When I read The Secret everything in it was grand and seemed too out of reach for me. I am not the best at going into a meditative state of mind. The Magic on the other hand takes an area in life such as your health and guides you in a way to make you realize how blessed you are. I love books that teach gratitude and promote positivity. I have now grown and learned that The Secret was not about trying to think yourself rich, it was about celebrating all the abundance we are currently enjoying.  I am rich and so are you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Losing weight with a Frappuccino!

What?! My love for Starbucks may just drive me nuts yet! Two things that I have been doing, striving to eat better quality food and getting my body in better shape. I have been successfully doing both and drinking my Starbucks too. I just handled my Starbucks addiction the same as any food, changed my taste. First, I drank the skinny version of every drink I enjoyed. Following that I learned to enjoy my coffee black. But summer is here so occasionally I want a frap along with the rest of you. I've come up with 2 solutions. I buy the Iced Via in the caramel flavor and add just a "splash" of milk, or I get the famed frappuccino. An Espresso Frappuccino only 160 calories in the tall size! It's a perfect size, cold and texture is pleasing. It's a frappuccino only without  sugary syrups and whipped topping. If you too are struggling with a food or drink you really enjoy but hate how long it takes to work off, do what I did and find a substitution. Getting healthy is a lifestyle and telling yourself you can never have something again, well, that will NEVER work.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out of the Game

For the last almost three weeks now I have been put on the bench. Once you adjust to the daily high a great sweat gives you it's hard to become a couch potato again. I somehow injured myself during a workout and was not able to walk as a light workout without pain. I was able to do 30 minutes of cardio so far this week and plan to do another 30 minutes on Friday. I still have to wear the knee brace, but it's okay with me because I am giving myself time to strengthen. The other downside to downtime is you really have to watch your food intake. I rarely do any special treats now and if I do it means taking something away that day. You see when you do not move there is no way of working those calories into the negative.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Know what you are eating

Bet the title of this post caught your attention. Did you read it and think I may be crazy? You see we all need to retrain the taste buds, our wallets, and the way we think about that thing called food. When you eat and drink on a daily basis are you really taking the time to "taste" what was in your mouth? I challenge you from now on to look at the ingredient list in the food or drink you are about to have. Can you pronounce the ingredients and did you notice if the list is a mile long? Once you see the result of the ingredient list really take your time and "taste" your food or drink. I have come a long way with my foods and drink and still evolving today. Yes, I still drink Starbucks, but mainly I take my coffee black. I do an occasional frap, but Espresso Frap because my old staples are too sweet now and interfere with the coffee taste. But we are talking about getting you in this evolving process, not me! Buy your meat organic, cut back on the amount of meat you eat and the price will hurt less. Make your milk organic also, buy fruits and vegetables from the farmers market or organic. If it is not organic odds are it is GMO and I know you don't want frankenfood. Let me leave you with this thought, why do you think our grandparents canned food? Because you can't grow things year round!