Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 9 P90X

I have almost completed week 9 of P90X and the time just flies  when you are improving and becoming stronger. I've added some extra cardio in because I want to push along the sculpting of my physique. I can tell you the soreness still comes but I welcome the pain. No pain no gain, right? Also I  recommend that you  find yourself a good meal replacement shake. If you have questions on what I recommend send me a message we can discuss this further from there. One valuable point I will make, mix that shake with coconut water. It's loaded with potassium, vitamin C and has great benefits including hydration. When I add coconut water to my shake the soreness is much easier to tolerate. Where are you with your fitness journey? Have you started? Need advice, motivation and planning? I can help with all the above. Hope we talk soon! Until then keep going, growing, and perfecting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rest Week! P90X

Starting this Thursday I will be doing my second rest week! That's right! I am about to go down hill from here. I will do a seven day rest week and then enter my LAST 30 days of P90X. I cannot believe how far I've come. We started the doubles version of the program and today I am going to lay yet another pair of shorts to rest. It is so bittersweet. It was a pair of Calvin Klein shorts that when I bought them I was excited about the size, but they are falling off and too far gone to wear a belt. As far as clothes go I haven't invested much in anything, tops or bottoms. I am not all the way to my goal yet. My size 8's are now loose enough that I think I am a true 6 but I wont stop until I am a true 4. Why a size 4? It was my goal. I have no idea how much I weigh, but I will when I visit the doctor at the end of this month. I no longer care about a number on the scale. I've incorporated weight s in my program so I can be stronger and healthier. Strength and health are my main focus now!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Making Life Decisions

In the light of uncertainty it requires us to reevaluate plans and make some changes. We have no question that Social Security is an unsure program, and that we need to make some decisions to possibly prolong our time in the workforce. I've had jobs and to be honest, not ever been happy completely with any of them. If I have learned one thing in my life, it's this: take control. Take control of your life so that you wont need to rely on anyone and surround yourself with people that only lift you up in life. I am embarking on a new adventure in my life that I've been aware of for over a year now. I've met some wonderful people and continue to meet great people each day. If I am going to work until I'm 80 or who knows maybe longer I want it to be on my terms and with people I've hand picked. I want to grow old as healthy as I can. I want to grow, expand, and become better than I am today. I want to influence people into a healthy and happy lifestyle.