Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting for Superman

Documentaries! When most people think of a documentary, boredom may come to mind. I know I personally enjoy documentaries because it tells a story and can give me further information about a topic I want to learn about further. Waiting for Superman is one documentary I would recommend anyone with school age children watch, especially if these children attend a public school system. But, in all honesty the story this documentary tells is one of all human interest. Just as our health care system is broken and needs a revamping, alas, so is the education system. Our country has no future or healthcare system to be concerned with if the minds of our youth are not filled with the knowledge required to carry this nation and compete in the future. Our youth are at poor reading levels, cannot spell, math and science are below poor, and to think they want to take writing out of school due to texting and technology! Hah! I say teach them to print a sentence for the purpose of polishing their dexterity skills and it also stimulates the mind. Take a moment of your time to watch this dvd. I watched it and cried; we are in a sad shape when the youth is not being challenged to become smart, creative, and productive adults in society.

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