Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Parties

Ok, so this Sunday I will be watching the Super Bowl, but with a bitter taste in my mouth, since my team is not playing! So I thought we might have a chat about entertaining and having company to spread some game day cheer. You can make your Super Bowl gathering any size, but just be sure to have enough food, drinks, napkins, paper towels, plates, utensils, and other disposable items. Also it's a good idea to designate a bathroom for guest use and notify them of such. I like to have the Kleenex disposable hand towels on occasions that call for lots of hand wash because they keep the spread of germs at bay. I know everyone has been at a large gathering where you use the restroom and when you go to dry your hands, yuck! wet towel.  Hostess, this is poor taste, don't fall into that category. Be a good hostess and check out

Make sure you have a variety of beverages: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You also need to be sensitive to food allergies and sensitive stomachs. If you are planning to have an actual meal and forgo finger foods and snacks, let your guest be aware so they can save up their appetites. Dips go over great in crowds so put any type of dip in a large bowl with a spoon to prevent double dipping. Have everything set up buffet style so you are not running around everywhere and it can make your guest feel more welcome. You may want to put out some peppermint hard candies to combat any spicy food you served. Make simple dishes so that you are not stressed or tired from cooking all day. Above all, just enjoy! Enjoy some good football and friends/ family. Next year, Steelers!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting for Superman

Documentaries! When most people think of a documentary, boredom may come to mind. I know I personally enjoy documentaries because it tells a story and can give me further information about a topic I want to learn about further. Waiting for Superman is one documentary I would recommend anyone with school age children watch, especially if these children attend a public school system. But, in all honesty the story this documentary tells is one of all human interest. Just as our health care system is broken and needs a revamping, alas, so is the education system. Our country has no future or healthcare system to be concerned with if the minds of our youth are not filled with the knowledge required to carry this nation and compete in the future. Our youth are at poor reading levels, cannot spell, math and science are below poor, and to think they want to take writing out of school due to texting and technology! Hah! I say teach them to print a sentence for the purpose of polishing their dexterity skills and it also stimulates the mind. Take a moment of your time to watch this dvd. I watched it and cried; we are in a sad shape when the youth is not being challenged to become smart, creative, and productive adults in society.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of The Dragon

Happy New Year!!! Yes, we get to start all over again; it's Chinese New Year. Year of the Dragon to be exact which is a great year for us to see begin. The dragon is the luckiest and most auspicious of all animal signs. Chinese parents want their kids to get married and married couples strive to have their children during the Year of the Dragon. In case you would like to get into a bit of fun on this day I will give you some tips. In the tradition of Chinese New Year wear red today. Other customs include visiting family and relatives, cleaning the home ( it will remove bad luck and ill-fortunes). In case you would like to incorporate today into your meal a large piece of fried fish is in order because it signals abundance. I wish you all well and hope your year is already full of blessings and abundance, but if not today is your new start!! Peace and blessings to all.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life Changing News

When I began this blog I didn't imagine it would include anything to do with Paula Deen or her health, but life is like that in many ways. Paula has made her living bringing us her infectious laugh and southern style recipes. Now that all stands to change due to her diabetes diagnosis. My Mother is a Type 2 diabetic and she too was told she can have things in moderation and that is what she does. Paula is being widely criticized for keeping her diagnosis a secret, but before we throw stones I will say maybe she just was not ready to deal with this among the public. She may have needed time to just digest everything. We will not ever know and should not be concerned with that aspect. In the end it is her health and she is the one who pays the price for what she does and does not practice with the management of her condition. So many things are becoming a factor in our daily lives concerning allergies and different types of medical conditions, how we cook our food, and the type of food we buy. What I hope to see is a new movement that comes about making people think more about farming and supporting farmers markets. Check out the slow food movement, google it and get some information. I truly believe whole foods produced by us and Mother Nature are way to get back to where we need to be 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chipped nails, no problem!

I would hope that by this time all of you have tried a Shellac manicure that is offered by your manicurist. Creative Nail Design is the maker of this innovative product and although had many raise an eyebrow in disbelief it holds true to the hype. I know OPI is releasing its own version, but I've only had the Shellac. It is true the Shellac polish will hold you over for 2 weeks with no chips and perfectly polished digits. I do notice that the lighter shades tend to wear a few days extra for me. Companies that sell to the mass market are starting to create at home versions of this product and I may test run a color in the future, but I enjoy my salon experience. Also, I feel like I am doing my small part to help keep the economy running. When you are ready to leave you can reach in your purse, pay your manicurist, go grocery shopping and whip up a meal like the superwoman we all know you to be.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Joyful Noise

Over the weekend my mother and I went to see the new movie Joyful Noise. The movie has an interesting cast mix of Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, and a few other familiar faces one might recognize. This movie has quite a bit of singing, I mean enough to be a musical almost. I personally love musicals, so it was not a problem for me. I'm not overly fond of gospel music, especially the type in this movie. I must say I am a bit of a religious conservative when it comes to music! There are some touching story lines and heartwarming moments. When you leave the cinema you do have a warm fuzzy uplifted feeling so I say this is worth the view. It was a joy to see Dolly performing again as I grew up watching her perform with Porter on TV. In this age of negativity and naysayers this little 2 hour escape is well worth your time.

Friday, January 13, 2012

MLK, January, Blustery Winds

Hello everyone! Hope my post finds you safe and warm. This may be a 4 day weekend for some out there since Monday will be MLK holiday. Most of the Midwest woke up to snow covered ground and the sound of winter's blustery winds. I am enjoying this cold January day because it was the first time I got to wear a real winter coat. I at least know the coat was a smart purchase because it kept me very warm and Old Man Winter at bay. There are many things to enjoy this weekend. College basketball, NFL playoff games, a good book you may be reading, and maybe sneak in an afternoon nap! I for one will be partaking in all of the above at one point in time. On Monday we can all use a moment to reflect on the dreams of one man and how he was willing to die for them, where we have all come and where we are going. 2012 is in full swing and life sometimes takes us off track with the hopes and dreams we had just a few short weeks ago. Take some time this 3 day period to remember, pay respect, and just enjoy your loved ones. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I wanted you to see the packaging of the product I'll be discussing today. C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Boost Toner comes in a spray bottle, does not sting, and can be applied over makeup. It is for all skin types and I like to spray it on several times throughout the day when I can. This product makes your skin feel moist and gives your makeup a nice dewy, youthful look. I have not experienced any sensitivities and the bottle is 6.3 oz.  Sometimes I wear this alone at night to bed just because I don't want to feel a cream on my face. I normally pick up a bottle at the C.O. Bigelow Easton location in Columbus, Ohio. You can also call and order over the phone and they will ship to you at desired location.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rude Behavior of the Cyber World

Today I want to share with you what I consider the important topic of what I call "cyber vomit". I know you've heard the phrase "word vomit", well people do cyber vomit all the time. Just because you follow someone on Twitter or Facebook does not mean you share mutual views on all topics. Political views especially should be kept in your own thoughts. I have some people on Twitter and Facebook  who say or retweet things about the current President or GOP politicians vying for the GOP nomination that to me are just a waste of my time. I find that my intelligence is insulted when people assume I want to be negative ad exposed to death. I do, however, love hearing how individuals stand on issues. I do not enjoy people throwing stones at a glass houses. And as we all know, all of us reside in a glass house. Do yourself a favor and consider how your words and actions are being viewed by others. And who knows, with the right conversation and proper actions you may actually win someone over.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Travel Makeup: Liquids kept at minimum

I posted some pictures of the Mally Beauty Even More Perfect Palette to show you the bag it is contained in, the products, and brushes that come together with this purchase. This palette is only found at and is a limited edition so when it is gone, it's gone. She has a More Perfect Palette available at the website but you get a few more bells and whistles with this one. I know what you're thinking, "how much makeup does one woman need?" Well, a girl can never have too many options. I travel and when I do have decided to make this my travel makeup no questions asked. I've noted that I'm a full face girl and that includes vacations, yes vacations!!! Now, this bag will hold most of my face, shadow and blush brushes, lip products, 6 eyeshadows, 2 blushes (I mix those together), the eyeshadow base and face highlighter. The only separate products to bring will be concealer, liner, mascara, and powder foundation. My face defender and an extra gloss or two are always on hand in my purse. Something like this makes packing faster, takes up less space, and keeps my liquids down to a minimum for airline travel. We can discuss the coveted face defender in a later post. Until then, stay gorgous

Mally Beauty Even More Perfect Palette

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Warm tootsies!

The above photo is a pair of Smartwool socks one of the best brands ever worn by me. The socks are made in the U.S.A. they tout odor control, moisture management, and temperature regulation. These come in Mens, Womens, Kids, and are sized accordingly; always make sure you are buying the proper size in your socks. The price is $18.99 a pair and they are found on Smartwool's website or you can find them at Dick's sporting goods, and if you are in the northeast Bob's Department Stores. I discovered these socks while we were at The Big E which will be discussed later this year when I go again. These socks wash and wear great and make my Birkenstock clogs all the more comfortable. I no longer have cold feet and have to put the heater on 90 with the speed blasting while out driving. If you are looking to keep your feet or a loved ones feet a bit more cozy these are sure to be worth the try.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moisture in a bar

Baby it's cold outside!!! It feels great and I feel great. I hope everyone survived the ringing in of a new year safely and happily.  Now we all know that I've said no mention of bargain products on here. Well, that is normally so, but it's a new year and I know you all have shopped your hearts out and with the dry cold air need a bit of pampering. I have found a bar soap made by Olay that I have pictured above that you can purchase several bars for under $10. If you notice it has the nodules that give this bar a massaging design and it is made with almond oils. I will tell you this is EXTREMELY moisturizing and smells terrific! I am very sensitive when it comes to bar sops and I personally do not have any problems with this,but I cannot guarantee that for you just wanted to throw that fact in. Now go out there and pick up this crown jewel to turn your next shower into a mini spa experience.