Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of The Dragon

Happy New Year!!! Yes, we get to start all over again; it's Chinese New Year. Year of the Dragon to be exact which is a great year for us to see begin. The dragon is the luckiest and most auspicious of all animal signs. Chinese parents want their kids to get married and married couples strive to have their children during the Year of the Dragon. In case you would like to get into a bit of fun on this day I will give you some tips. In the tradition of Chinese New Year wear red today. Other customs include visiting family and relatives, cleaning the home ( it will remove bad luck and ill-fortunes). In case you would like to incorporate today into your meal a large piece of fried fish is in order because it signals abundance. I wish you all well and hope your year is already full of blessings and abundance, but if not today is your new start!! Peace and blessings to all.

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