Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life Changing News

When I began this blog I didn't imagine it would include anything to do with Paula Deen or her health, but life is like that in many ways. Paula has made her living bringing us her infectious laugh and southern style recipes. Now that all stands to change due to her diabetes diagnosis. My Mother is a Type 2 diabetic and she too was told she can have things in moderation and that is what she does. Paula is being widely criticized for keeping her diagnosis a secret, but before we throw stones I will say maybe she just was not ready to deal with this among the public. She may have needed time to just digest everything. We will not ever know and should not be concerned with that aspect. In the end it is her health and she is the one who pays the price for what she does and does not practice with the management of her condition. So many things are becoming a factor in our daily lives concerning allergies and different types of medical conditions, how we cook our food, and the type of food we buy. What I hope to see is a new movement that comes about making people think more about farming and supporting farmers markets. Check out the slow food movement, google it and get some information. I truly believe whole foods produced by us and Mother Nature are way to get back to where we need to be 

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