Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moisture in a bar

Baby it's cold outside!!! It feels great and I feel great. I hope everyone survived the ringing in of a new year safely and happily.  Now we all know that I've said no mention of bargain products on here. Well, that is normally so, but it's a new year and I know you all have shopped your hearts out and with the dry cold air need a bit of pampering. I have found a bar soap made by Olay that I have pictured above that you can purchase several bars for under $10. If you notice it has the nodules that give this bar a massaging design and it is made with almond oils. I will tell you this is EXTREMELY moisturizing and smells terrific! I am very sensitive when it comes to bar sops and I personally do not have any problems with this,but I cannot guarantee that for you just wanted to throw that fact in. Now go out there and pick up this crown jewel to turn your next shower into a mini spa experience.

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