Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Chapters

The last day of 2011 is here and we are now focusing our attention on new trends, products, attitudes, and possibly complete transformations personal and career wise. I have overall had a great year. I am down 20 pounds, lost my fear of flying (without a fancy class). And found a new passion. For 2012 I am looking forward to meeting new people, growing new and lasting friendships, and making more life-changing habits. Some new things coming in 2012 is a new coffee we can try from Starbucks called Guatemala Casi Cielo I was told this will release Jan. 2. I hear it is a good one so if you are a coffee connoisseur such as myself don't let this crown jewel pass you by. Also everyone is gearing up for spring collections to release, new books to be published and workout trends to flood the masses. I want you to take a quiet moment at some point and reflect on things before the stroke of midnight. I also wish for you the best in your new ventures of 2012 and just remember that all things in due time. Do not approach anything full speed. Take baby steps and watch your wings grow and soar.

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