Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Extra Hours: How Do I Utilize Them?

We are so lucky this year because today, due to the earth's rotation around the sun, we have 24 extra hours to accomplish something a little extra. Life, with it's surprises, changed my plans so I find myself headed to my accountant today. I had to move the appointment up but did they have to do it this week? We like our accountant, but hate what takes place. But I wont let that one appointment ruin my Leap Day!
 What about you? Do you consider these extra 24 hours a blessing or curse? How will you spend this day? Maybe you will take in an extra workout or you can say since this day only comes every four years you get a cheat day! Be sure to check websites of your favorite business because many companies are offering special offers for today. Mother Nature is dishing out some fierce weather for travel woes. Just be sure and make the best of your day.

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