Friday, February 17, 2012

Learning to Live

Are you living your best life? Have you reached your own expectations and beyond? I've read self help books, watched Oprah, try to keep an open mind and yet am still striving to become better. Over time we acquire several techniques that we can use to stay more balanced and become more focused. I have learned keeping a journal is truly life changing and very informative.
Have you noticed successful people use positive mantras and visualization to attain their goals and pull more positive energy into their direction? They seem to speak of making acts of kindness, love, and compassion a daily activity in life. In today's society I feel we need more people striving to become more, reaching out to be that better person your Mother always told you about when you were a child. We see and hear so much negative in our lives that I hope I am a bright ray of light shining for all of you. Together we can grow, learn, and become better caretakers of our fellow man. Peace and love be with you and as Ellen says at the end of her show, "Be kind to one another."

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