Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Kennedy Elusive Hero by Chris Matthews

I just finished Chris Matthews book about JFK and found the read to be informative, historical, and inspiring all in one. This book reminded me why I have long been drawn to politics and politicians and how people are still fighting the fights they believe in today. I was reading this book while Mimi Alford was being interviewed for her new book concerning former President Kennedy. I have no interest in tabloid fodder and that is my only opinion of that topic.
In Chris Matthews book he gives us many views of this man who was taken at an early age. He gives us a peek into his school years, military service, celebrations, and tragedies. It will take you inside his presidential campaign, presidency while showing you a glimpse of the man, husband and friend. Make no mistake Matthews does not make the former president an angel on any account, but I feel this book is worth the read no matter your political affiliation because it gives you a look at history and how some things came to be and some of the wars fought and won by Americans as a whole.

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