Sunday, October 14, 2012

Warm Weather Endings

We can still plan on Indian Summer to get out and finish up some outdoor activities but I like to tie the loose ends while I know the weather is warm. For example, today was so beautiful with a nice breeze. I was able to be lazy on the porch but tomorrow I need to do one last tidy up just in case fall gets cold and stays that way. When the sun is brightly shining I find it perfect to clean those windows inside and out, clean porches, and hand sparkle those automobiles one last time. Clean windows are the bright shining eyes of your home. When you have clean windows it looks as though you just built the place last week!! Haha! But honestly, you want your home to look comfy, cozy, AND clean in the upcoming months. Get out that Windex and the newspapers and shine those windows up brightly today. You don't want Grandma pulling up to dirty, spider web windows come Thanksgiving. And you definitely don't want cobwebs on the windows scarier than the Halloween decorations.

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