Thursday, October 25, 2012

D' Souza, 2016:Obama's America, and my view

I was not going to review this movie because I know everyone is sick of the political rhetoric but since I discovered the downward spiral on D' Souza I felt I must give my opinion on the documentary and the smear campaign. Well, I rented the documentary 2016:Obama's America a couple of weeks ago on Vudu. It's a documentary in which D' Souza gives you theories about what he thinks President Obama is trying to accomplish during his Presidency. Pictured above is D' Souza and one of Barack Obama's half brothers that D' Souza interviews during the filming. The film discussed President Obama's father quite a bit because he theorizes that President Obama holds his fathers government ideologies as his own. Here's where it went too far for me. This D' Souza goes as far as to show President Obama's fathers grave in the film, which I find distasteful. I just think if you want to talk President Obama down, do it, but leave the dead out of the discussion. Especially, a parent. The documentary was boring and tedious for viewing at times, but I feel good that I watched and listened to his far fetched theories because no one can say I'm closed-minded or will not hear out the other side.
Now here's the thing: being a republican, conservative, a right-winger, or whatever you call yourself is fine. But, here's where the slippery slope begins, PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES CAN'T THROW STONES. D' Souza threw rocks all over Obama'a fathers house and now look at him. D' Souza the man behind the documentary and author of two hate venom filled books against President Obama is now under scrutiny for having a wife and mistress at the same time. He's stepped down from his position at The King's College a christian based college, allegations are being brought that he hid $90,000 in an account in India from his wife, IRS, and others.
We are human not perfect and not without fault. We need to stop tearing people down and digging up dirt and attempt to HONESTLY solve problems. Stop demonizing other opinions, social class, race, religion, and anything that makes us different. It has been said time and time again,'what goes around comes around'. Each word and action we put out the Universe is bringing it right back (to you!). All good and all evil will come back to its origin.

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