Friday, October 26, 2012

Fit Friday

Take it day by day one small step at a time. Just a few days ago I told you to throw away the Ranch dressing, park farther away from the door and get moving. What advice can I give to make this a fit Friday and punch up the challenge for the weekend? I have a few ideas, never fear! Get out there and rake those leaves and I don't want to hear it's getting too cold outside. The colder the temp makes it perfect for outdoor activities. Continue your hydration rituals and consider adding some hot green tea to your morning breakfast. What?! Breakfast? Ok, tell me you are eating breakfast? Oh yes, you're skipping to save on calories aren't you? Well, I tried this for years myself and I also said eating breakfast made me fat! Ha! It will make you fat when you eat the wrong things. So, to start each morning right allow me to give you a few suggestions for that a.m. meal. Steel cut oats, I say steel cut because they are not processed as much as your traditional types. Two strips bacon 1 egg 1 egg white, One seving greek yogurt with mixed berries. That's just a few suggestions to get you rolling. By the way I want you to be cautious in your serving sizes too. Be sure to top oats with cinnamon, it's delicious and I'm doing you a huge favor. I am always available for questions if you have any. You can reach me via email. at

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