Friday, October 12, 2012

Fit Friday


Hello Readers!!! I am bring my Fit Friday series back due to popular demand and to boost healthy habits during a season of overindulgence. This Friday I want to help you take baby steps in your adjustment to healthier living. Ok, I know all the candy is about to hit our homes in a few weeks You are either going to have it to give our or it's coming to your house via your own little goblins. Here we go, if you're buying candy to give you can go for low fat candies or something you know you will not eat. Also do not put the treats in your home for days in advance. Buy your treats the evening of trick or treat. Now when the candy comes home via your own kids the game gets tough. Here's one thought, don't go around hitting up each and every door. Just go to some familiar neighbors or friends so that the kids only get a small amount of candy. Another plan is to take the extra candy to give at Sunday school class or any type of group meeting you or the kids may attend. Whatever you do just make sure to remember the key words: Moderation and Safety. Be safe while out spooking the neighborhood, and enjoy your treats in moderation.

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