Saturday, October 6, 2012

Politically Correct

Hello East Coasters! I know I know, I've been absent and silent for far too long. I have been trying to get my plans together for this blog and am going with the flow of me. Just follow along, bear with me and continue to read and share my posts. This week I'd like to touch base a bit on the political, but not to shove my political preferences down your throat. I just want to remind people to be more tolerant and to have productive conversations about your vote and/or party affiliation. I believe when said "with age comes wisdom" is so true. There was a time when I would come to angry blows about political "discussions" but no longer. I find the media coverage seems to be more about catching attention, bullying and picking apart candidates. Long gone seem to be the days of informing potential voters. And don't get me started with the rhetoric in the commercials. Both sides say and promise things that anger me because they are insulting my intelligence. Do your best to read, research, and inform yourselves in order to cast a vote that you are comfortable making. Make your vote with pride and above all no matter the outcome of your candidate remain mature and respectful.

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