Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hey, What's the hurry?

Here we are putting out the pumpkins and goblins and already some people are thinking of Thanksgiving! What? Wait a minute, what gives? I'll tell you who is surely focused on this once sacred holiday: retail employees. Just one week ago I was shopping my favorite bookstore. During my visit I overheard the employee discussing with another location about the 8-2 Thanksgiving Day hours they are keeping this year. That makes me just so sad. Sad for the people that have to work that day and sad for our society that the dollar is more important than ANYTHING. You may be shaking your head or disagreeing with me on this but as you recall last year many opened on Thanksgiving night. That is how I call it because if it is midnigh or later most families are still digesting their dinner. Where are the days of being with family? Enjoying a day of game playing, tossing the football, and watching the games on TV? Where has our respect for the employee of retail that they MAY possibly want to have this small 24 hour period with their loved ones? To all my readers that work retail I'd like to take this time to thank you for all you do and for the shoppers, let's stay in. Stay in until 6:00 am on Black Friday morning. After all, why are you so quick to leave your family and cozy homes to spend the all mighty dollar.

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