Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Only 68 Days Remain!

Sixty eight days remain to reach your goals for 2012. Are you there already? Half way? Given up? If you are half way, depending on the goal you may amp up the activity and still reach your goal. Don't dare give up! If you took the time to start the work then you felt you and the goal were worth it at some point. I've reached MOST of my goals for 2012. One of the remaining goals is 15 pounds. I will do this! I know I can handle the pressure. I know January is approaching and many will do the weight loss goal then, but let me remind you: Start now! You will thank me for this in January. After those all or nothing binges you will find it hard and distracting to just "dive right in". Start now, start small, but by all means: START! Here are a few EASY starters YOU CAN do right now: Lower your intake of ALL sugary drinks by one per week. Step AWAY from the Ranch dressing. People, Ranch is overrated and numbing your taste buds! Get rid of it. Park AWAY from the door, take the steps, and get your body moving.

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