Friday, October 19, 2012

BE the Change You Want to See Republicans AND Democrats.

I must admit Mitt Romney was right and maybe too kind when he said 47% of the population will not take responsibility for themselves. I think that statement has been taken out of context and used too often against him, but isn't that what our media and society feeds on? I will not reveal who I am voting for, but people that know me already know that answer. What I am going to do is maybe upset you after reading this post. I've heard so much bickering and complaining during this election that I think it could last me a lifetime! Allow me now to turn the tables on you and explain that 47% was a kind number.
Let's break it down and get REAL! I've lived through (and I'm listing the ones I remember during my life) Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama and none of them have ever had a huge impact directly on my life. I liked and didn't like things about all of them. Things are fuzzy memories with Carter and Reagan because I was too young to remember, but as a child you hear the talk among adults. Not during any Presidency have I felt unsafe against a terrorist, I don't feel like any President has ruled the outcome of my job outlook (outsourcing plays a role and  not just one man is not in control of that). We payed taxes the first year we were married and still do. And let me get you straight on this; paying taxes happens when you file and at the end of your paper work it says YOU OWE!!! Yes, they take a payroll tax out on people but, then give them a refund! How nice for you.
I don't focus on those on welfare, food stamps, or any form of public assistance! I'm far too busy running my own household. I also know that I don't know every person's story. Stop judging people! You all sound like jealous school children. Do you really want to see change? I think it may serve us well to start with a grass root movement with our local and state government. We need more education, training, and information. In order for a society to truly thrive we need to have educated and informed citizens. The higher the education level  you will see more tolerance and civility. If you're bitter over a lazy relative on welfare or food stamps then turn them in or shut your mouth. Don't judge all of society with your lazy relatives, thank you.
My point is, what are you doing to take your life into your own hands? How are you getting unemployment numbers down in your area? Are you involved in the education system? What are you involved in that may make a decent impact in the areas you're busy complaining about?

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