Monday, May 14, 2012


I am happy to say that I am closer to being back to 100% since my knee injury. I had a few weeks with no activity, a week or so with 2 workout days per week and now I am up to three days per week. I am currently doing a 45-55 minute session one day per week! A very valuable lesson I have learned is shoes. One must really shell out the money for a good pair and the shoe must be traded in quite frequent. The way things look, I will get 3 months wear from my shoes. But the purchase of new shoes is a small price compared to doctor visits, x-rays, and no activity. To the left is a photo of my latest purchase the Nike Air Max. This shoe is comfort and cushion combined with a hefty price tag attached. I wont complain too much because with this shoe and my knee brace I'm no longer a stir crazed couch potato.

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