Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Know what you are eating

Bet the title of this post caught your attention. Did you read it and think I may be crazy? You see we all need to retrain the taste buds, our wallets, and the way we think about that thing called food. When you eat and drink on a daily basis are you really taking the time to "taste" what was in your mouth? I challenge you from now on to look at the ingredient list in the food or drink you are about to have. Can you pronounce the ingredients and did you notice if the list is a mile long? Once you see the result of the ingredient list really take your time and "taste" your food or drink. I have come a long way with my foods and drink and still evolving today. Yes, I still drink Starbucks, but mainly I take my coffee black. I do an occasional frap, but Espresso Frap because my old staples are too sweet now and interfere with the coffee taste. But we are talking about getting you in this evolving process, not me! Buy your meat organic, cut back on the amount of meat you eat and the price will hurt less. Make your milk organic also, buy fruits and vegetables from the farmers market or organic. If it is not organic odds are it is GMO and I know you don't want frankenfood. Let me leave you with this thought, why do you think our grandparents canned food? Because you can't grow things year round!


  1. I agree with this as an ideal, I honestly do! However, the economy being what it is, think that that eating organic is out of reach for most families. Most consumer publications suggest spending the money for organic fruits and veggies when they have thin skins that can absorb pesticides.

    I don't like associating food with guilt, I LOVE cheesecake, but I only have 2-3 slices a year, I want to enjoy it! Same goes for anytime I am on vacation, with in reason.

    I think that the problem also lies in our being a nation of excess. I think that the largest downfall of our eating habits and subsequent ill health came with the advent of the drive through window at fast food companies. Food was not meant to be consumed in the car! It would be nice to see a new conglomeration of fast food places open, with a drive through with healthy food choices!

    Additionally, think that most do not use the common sense and great planning that my mother and grandmother did. Baking a chicken in the oven? Why not bake two and use the other for some awesome recipes in a day or two? Both of these fabulous women in my life gave thought to what was going to be eaten for the better part of a week. It's also far less wasteful when thought is put into the week, alas, that celery will likely not go limp in the fridge.

    I rarely use anything other than oil and vinegar as a salad dressing, esp. the kind on the shelf. It can say, "Balsamic Vinaigrette" and have 14-20 ingredients! This as with numerous other examples are made by a food chemist.

    We are largely to blame for this, we want many choices when we shop. At the supermarket chain I work for, the larger stores can have over 30,000 products.

    I live in Fl. and want to tell you that many oranges are not orange, they are a variety of colors. They are usually sprayed orange as a result of consumer perception. The consumer usually wants a perfect looking piece of fruit or vegetable. The problem with that is that, for example, an orange in it's natural state may have a light tan/beige line on it, that is natural, it's the result of the wind brushing the orange against a branch, etc. Those perfectly fine oranges are often used for juice, or sprayed orange as the public will rarely buy them otherwise. Look for signs of freshness, not cosmetic imperfections.

    1. Thank You for reading and posting your comments. They are appreciated and informative. I had no idea about the color of oranges.