Monday, May 7, 2012

Losing weight with a Frappuccino!

What?! My love for Starbucks may just drive me nuts yet! Two things that I have been doing, striving to eat better quality food and getting my body in better shape. I have been successfully doing both and drinking my Starbucks too. I just handled my Starbucks addiction the same as any food, changed my taste. First, I drank the skinny version of every drink I enjoyed. Following that I learned to enjoy my coffee black. But summer is here so occasionally I want a frap along with the rest of you. I've come up with 2 solutions. I buy the Iced Via in the caramel flavor and add just a "splash" of milk, or I get the famed frappuccino. An Espresso Frappuccino only 160 calories in the tall size! It's a perfect size, cold and texture is pleasing. It's a frappuccino only without  sugary syrups and whipped topping. If you too are struggling with a food or drink you really enjoy but hate how long it takes to work off, do what I did and find a substitution. Getting healthy is a lifestyle and telling yourself you can never have something again, well, that will NEVER work.

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