Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I refuse to stay in the box!

The title of this post may have you questioning my sanity and/or choice of topics, right? Well by the time you are finished reading this post I hope I inspire you to feel better about yourself, limit your time spent with people unworthy of you, or do something you've put off or shoved away. Did you realize that people put you in a "box" or "category"?
 For example, when I bought P90X I wish I had just done the program and not said a word about the purchase. Why? Because the response I got was the same, a smug laugh! Do you know why I bought the program? I watched other people in the infomercial (just like me) transform themselves. People that "know" you or have a significant amount of contact with you cannot mentally process you changing the dynamic of the relationship. Whether they admit it or not people need to know you are one of the following: their equal or you're inferior to them. Is this true? Absolutely not!
Allow me to leave you with an example, I know someone that met their partner, got married, and moved away. Every single person that knows her has said' "she'll be back." Well, she's not ever came back and I believe will not be back. I'm happy for this person, but I never put her in a "box".
Are you afraid to do something or reach a goal because of those around you? I say feel the fear and do it anyway. Grow, expand, shine, you see when someone is pulling you down, it's because they know they'll never go up!

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