Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day

Hello everyone! I hope this day finds you well and surrounded in light and love. This weekend we'll be celebrating Mother's and I can't think of anyone better to celebrate. If you're like me the card and present is already in place. This year I ordered my Mom's gift and due to a packing mistake she will have the card but no gift. I was very disappointed and had to tell Mom but she didn't mind at all. That's just Mom for you! You see, Mothers do not care what we buy or if we buy anything, they just want to be loved. Mothers like spending time with their families. Material gifts come and go, but nothing can replace the warmth of love, truly caring, and cherished moments shared. So this Sunday make sure your Mom knows how much you love her. If you cannot do so in person, call her. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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