Friday, March 30, 2012

Fit Fridays

It's Fit Friday and I am going strong. Do you ever notice some weeks you want to snack more than other weeks? Do you go with the flow, refrain, or use methods to take your mind off the cravings? I do a different solution depending on how I feel. One thing I know for sure: Drink Your Water! I cannot stress this enough. I am starting to know myself better with each day and sometimes when I eat more than what I would have liked I can promise you my water intake for the day was too low. Drinking your water keeps hunger and cravings at bay, and it greatly improves digestion. Before I increased my water intake I would take an over the counter Pepcid daily. I had heartburn and other digestive issues. You will also notice your skin is glowing and the kidneys will function better. So, this weekend I challenge you to drink that water!

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