Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony Frenzy

I love charities and even more I love when any charity is helping someone. I have noticed Kony 2012 has gone viral, invaded our Facebook Timelines, and trends on Twitter. I attempted to give a warning concerning any donating and within five minutes a friend notified me that "it's legit it was on the Today Show." So, I thought ok sounds good to me.  If you want to donate your money to this charity I am fine with that, just make sure the money is being used for the things you desire. Last but not least please consider donating local or at least in your country. Donate to charities where you can see the results of the good you are doing.
Lastly, do not forget you are trying to help people where we do not understand their culture. People are calling upon the UN and our government to act as if we can land a plane and just get this guy. We must remember no matter how many retweets he is not going to surrender. And if he has child soldiers or anyone in his control these people are willing to kill to protect him. Yes, kill those who are supposedly coming to save them.

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