Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warm weather: Blessing or Curse?

I love the warm weather and I love the winter weather. Who am I kidding I love living in an area where you should be able to enjoy all four seasons. We have once again experienced an extremely mild winter, so mild that I doubt my area has received three inches of snow total. For the second time this week we have cooked on our outdoor grill. I saw a wasp and yellow jacket flying today. My allergies have driven me crazy while visiting New Jersey during February and here at home in Kentucky. Now this all tells me one thing: We are going to suffer from bugs, allergens, and severe weather. You don't get weather like Friday and not see it the remainder of spring/summer. So the question is, do you feel this winter with lighter coats and low heating bills was worth it? Well, you can answer that one once you see how you truly suffer the consequences later this year!

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