Friday, March 23, 2012

Fit Friday!

Ok, anyone that knows me knows I love to workout. I love it because at my age the weight doesn't come off or stay off the way it did when I was younger! I am so happy because when I started my journey I had no idea I would throw away my scale, rarely to never drink a Coke, and be able to do burpees. I have dropped several unhealthy foods and habits, workout 5-6 days per week, and look forward to see what the future holds. When I began it was about losing x amount of pounds then I began to shift into different eating habits. Today, it's about being healthy, getting stronger, and aging well.
I picked Friday to discuss fitness on my blog because in the beginning I looked forward to the weekend so I could have my cheat day. I no longer do cheat weekends or days. Now I may do a cheat meal or snack, but I NEVER deprive myself. I found that every Monday I was trying to work off the weekend and after a full cheat day it can really make a difference in your workout performance. Now by all means if you are a beginner do your cheating as you will because you too will blossom and grow along the way.

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