Friday, November 2, 2012

Fit Friday

Oh no! The red cups have arrived at Starbucks and with that my beloved Gingerbread Latte! Oh well, I just need to continue my workouts and make room to have my occasional favorite drink. So... we are approaching another weekend and need to still burn baby burn!!! For the majority of East Coasters we have an array of activities outside the home to work off weight and do a good deed. For those hit by Sandy you can help shovel snow (if you are in the Appalachian mountain area). For my true East Coasters (you all know you have a special place in my heart) oh my, so much to be done! Here's a list to get you started: cleaning up debris, working in a shelter, checking on your friends, neighbors and loved ones. Drink plenty of clean water, stay warm, look out for one another and take care!

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