Friday, November 30, 2012

Fit Friday Series

Do like yogurt? Do you pay attention to the nutritional information of your favorite brand or do you just "eat it because I know it's healthy?" Well, if the latter is your response you just may be in for some sticker shock! I thought I'd found a brand I could live with, well, three brands. I normally go for Fage, Chiboni, or Voskos because I like what I've seen on the label. But did you know that yogurt can be as bad as a candy bar? By that I mean you must watch the sugar grams. Some of that greek yogurt out there that's paired with fruit can pack a whooping 21 grams of sugar! Considering the size of the container that is just too high a price for me to pay. While shopping the yogurt department ( I keep Fage  0% unflavored around to sub for sour cream) I came across the crown jewel of yougurt (I think!) Siggi's  Icelandic Style Skyr  it has 0%milkfat, 100 calories, 14g protein, and only 9g of sugar!!! That is great, just what I ordered. I have been eating yogurt as a treat item, but with this brand and using weights as I've been I can see me adding this as a regular snack in my day. Above I posted pictures of the container for you so you can find this or ask your local grocer to carry. I also wanted you to see the nutritional info yourselves. This will be the last post in 2012 that focuses on the food aspect of being fit. In order to truly be fit you must meet certain mental criteria and I will bring some topics to touch base on that health aspect for my readers. This time of year can be extremely stressful and I want my fit fanatics to be all around fit. Now go out there and make it a fit week all over again.

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