Friday, November 9, 2012

Fit Friday Series

Hello! It's Fit Friday and you know what that means! You're setting yourself up for a fitabulous weekend. So today I was thinking about the fit posts in the past and realized that so many of you face the same problems when on the go. How do I eat and what do I eat when on the go? At the mall and my only option is the Foodcourt. All the travel that is about to take place and maybe you want to know what to pack or what you should buy. Foodcourts are easy, I give a full ok to Subway and Chick Fil A.  You can enjoy the large Chicken Noodle soup at Chick Fil A for around 240 calories and a 12 count nugget is a mere 400 calories. Here is a link to check out the nutrition info yourselves (I will warn you that Chick Fil A website was having issues the day I wrote this.)                              
Don't be afraid of the salads at Subway; they are delicious and quite filling.
Below I show some photos of snack friendly products that are staples in our pantry. Not only are the serving sizes 200 calories or below on these products, they are all natural, gluten free and you CAN pronounce the ingredient list. Honestly, I know I sound like a broken record, but the LEAST amount of ingredients and your ability to pronounce what is in your food is KEY to weight loss goals.

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