Friday, November 23, 2012

Fit Friday Series

The above photo was taken from the menu at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. In the past I have enjoyed a burger or  two at Hard Rock Cafe, but never did I see the calorie count beside the food item! Thank You Mayor Bloomberg! Look, this guy has taken some hard criticism on being the "food police", but someone HAS to do the job! I had NO IDEA this place unloads a burger on your plate that packs well over 1,000 calories. Most burgers had my calorie quota for the day or just about my quota for the day! The calorie count in the above photo is 2,805 cal and is only a member of the appetizer lineup. The item below (as you can see) has 2,047 cal and is also an appetizer. Now let's say Jeff did not have to be gluten free, that is still too many calories to split between two people. So Fit Friday lovers? What did we do? Jeff had a steak and could only eat half! The mashed potatoes had too much garlic, his steak was dry and lacked flavor. I asked for a grilled chicken breast that arrived pink and tasted like smoke! Needless to say we did not pay for the entire meal thanks to our waitress. So, here's the warning: Don't eat there, the food is terrible and overpriced, if you do eat somewhere like that do as I did: request your own items a la carte. The restaurant will more than likely be willing to meet your request. Ask for iced tea as a drink, order it unsweet and then you can lightly sweeten yourself. I suggest tea over water because I have a hangup about drinking tap water. Sorry, it's a thing I have! So, just run around and shop all you want, travel if you will and above all Stay Fit!

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