Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh China Tree, Oh China Tree!!!

 Photo of a tree farm. I remember this scene from my childhood.

I know many of you don't know this, but this is the second year Jeff and I will not have a Christmas tree! (GASP!) Now, now calm down. I'm at a rental house, and don't want to buy a tree. If it were not for my asthma I would have a real tree. A few years ago I bought a fresh wreath to decorate in my home and give off that fresh pine smell. What a mistake for me, I had to put it on a hook and hang on the outside of my door. Oh well, it was put to use.

So.. why this post titled China Tree? Well because I figure most if not ALL of you are reading  this with your FAKE Chinese IMPORT tree all lit up in your family rooms. 85% of synthetic trees are imported from China, which helps SUPPORT TRADE IMABALANCE , doing nothing for the U.S. economy. Manufacturing standards are not equal to the U.S. levels so most of these trees are made of petroleum-based plastics that include hazardous lead. Oh yes, you do the fake tree because your a "Green Home"? Riiight, well that real tree can be made into compost and your fake tree will sit in a landfill for years. How's that "green life" workin out for ya? Also tree farms (unlike most of the food you buy) are small family-owned farms. And don't worry for the tree cut down because in its place two or three seedlings are planted. I hope this blog will change your mind for next years tree, provoke thought, get a positive reaction. If anything put your money where your mouth is: Congress alone will not bring jobs. It takes ALL OF US!!! And it starts with YOU and I SUPPORTING ONE ANOTHER.

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