Monday, December 3, 2012

I Hate Heels!

Am I the only woman that hates heels? I like the wedge or a kitten heel, but honestly the stilettos that have been in fashion for so long are not me. I see women on Pinterest pinning cute outfits and at first I would repin or hit like if I liked the outfit, but I stopped! If the shoes are a deal breaker I just step away from the mousepad! But honestly, I don't think I am alone. Do you know why? I rarely see women walking around wobbling from side to side in my everyday life. I do see several women in some cute boots, but rarely do they have an extreme heel. When my husband and I are behind a woman with high heels I just look at him and do the "eye roll". I do this not out of jealousy but to let him know lets go around her first chance. These women are clicking, clacking, stomping, and attempting to take strides only to be headed nowhere fast. You ever get behind one of these women? Snails! Lots of effort, but no results. I've noticed some flats coming onto the fashion seen here and there and thats ok too. I just am over the whole 5 inch heel days. Not to mention but as in the photo example, don't you think they tend to look a bit "clownish" at times? That's all!

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