Sunday, December 9, 2012

Have a Cutoff Date for Shipping Gifts

Online buyers, BEWARE! In a few short hours EST it will be December 10th and that puts us about 2 full weeks from Christmas holiday. I have to do some gift shipping this year and was going to make my online shopping deadline date tomorrow, but I got all that out of the way this afternoon. On one of the websites I viewed today there were a few items that today was your cutoff to ensure a December 25th delivery. I do not enjoy procrastination, I don't care what I'm dealing with; I just want to get it over already. If you want to stay calm and have more time for mental peace just be sure to wrap up those shipping tasks this week. You may wait and all may end well, but the price you pay may just keep you up at night. The shipping cost can become pretty steep this time of year as companies guarantee Mom gets that gift in time (at your pathetic expense). So if you must, just get it out of the way already. Think about the receiver and pick the present. Think of things they do and enjoy and make a valuable choice. I suggest completing online transactions by Wednesday because the cost for shipping should still be fairly decent. Just a friendly reminder too, Christmas Day is on a Tuesday so you'll have that sticky Sunday situated in there for travel time.

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