Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fit Friday: Mental Wellness for the Holidays

This week we will focus on less worrying about the whole overeating at parties and family gatherings. I say this: Go With the Flow! If you truly love a special dish and only indulge this one time per year then by all means eat the food. Don't spend needless hours worrying if you will or will not overeat for the holiday. The worry alone will cause you to overeat. You may do better if you decide to try a small bit of all your favorite treats and continue on with healthy eating the following day. This is the rule of thumb I follow at this time. I like to indulge a bit for Christmas and New Years then stay on track the rest of the year. For example, lots of people will have their next binge fest for Super Bowl parties. Eater Beware! A football game is just not worth all the sodium overload and feelings of guilt and remorse the next day. Try this challenge, eat well and exercise (paying close attention to how you feel) then overeat or have a cheat meal and workout that same day or the following day. You will feel that cheat food all in your workout! TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.:)

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