Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 9 P90X

I have almost completed week 9 of P90X and the time just flies  when you are improving and becoming stronger. I've added some extra cardio in because I want to push along the sculpting of my physique. I can tell you the soreness still comes but I welcome the pain. No pain no gain, right? Also I  recommend that you  find yourself a good meal replacement shake. If you have questions on what I recommend send me a message we can discuss this further from there. One valuable point I will make, mix that shake with coconut water. It's loaded with potassium, vitamin C and has great benefits including hydration. When I add coconut water to my shake the soreness is much easier to tolerate. Where are you with your fitness journey? Have you started? Need advice, motivation and planning? I can help with all the above. Hope we talk soon! Until then keep going, growing, and perfecting.

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