Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We don't drink H2O anymore

We stopped drinking bottled water in our home around the beginning of this month and it was the best decision. I now go to the grocery store and watch other shoppers burdened down with a heavy cart filled with several cases of the thirst quencher. I can use the smaller cart and push away at high speeds and don't have the heavy load to carry when I get home. Now, I'm certain you are wondering how we have not passed out from dehydration. We use the Bobble system. I have the Bobble jug in my fridge and I take a personal size Bobble with me when I travel.  I saw the personal size bottle at first, googled the company and found out they make a jug size for use in the home. I feel so much better knowing I am not adding to the piles of plastic bottles. We have a filter on our refrigerator but the water quality in my area is not the greatest. We figure with the filter on the fridge and the one in the jug the water quality is better. I have also heard bottled water is not always the best quality. Check out the Bobble company for yourself and see if you may want to make the switch for your family.

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