Friday, June 15, 2012

Stay Focused

Are you staying focused on your goals? The upcoming week is a signal to all, we are about to enter summer and if you had any "summertime goals" set for yourself Wednesday will be your deadline. I try to take on the year as a whole, but I do have a goal I'd like to achieve by August 20th. Being that today is Fit Friday, I thought I may touch base with you on the progess of P90X. We are doing great I am noticing strength and some small inch loss. YogaX so far seems to be the most challenging. Don't get me wrong, all of it is a challenge, but the yoga is tough! I've luckily taken yoga classes but some of the poses I've not done before, or they require quite a bit of strength and focus. Yesterday was the fourth time doing YogaX and I am improving greatly. I have the key to this: breath and focus. That is the reason for today's title. I wanted you to reflect on how focused you are in your daily life and activities. Be in the moment, stay focused give each person and activity 100% of you. After all, you'll only have yourself to thank when you achieve those outstanding outcomes and relationships in your life.

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