Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm a Failure!

So, sometimes I update you on my fitness journey and tell you about all the wonderful things I do that work and I do this to help motivate you. But did you know that I've had failures and slow downs along the process? Well, of course I have! You know what I have not had? A complete set back. Let me get real honest today; I HAVE TRIED IT ALL! Yes, diets, diet pills, workouts, and you name it. One thing I can say, not one workout I've tried failed me. That is one lesson to take away from today: you put in the work and you'll have the results. Second lesson: no diet will EVER work. NO DIET WILL EVER WORK. LIFESTYLE CHANGE WILL. Do you know what Weight Watchers, Nutri System, and any other program have in common? They are teaching you portion control and to understand that each item that enters your mouth has value. The cleaner you eat the better your results. Nothing you do will last forever except a lifestyle change.

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