Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Slump

Let's get one thing straight, we can only take so much hype. Once the big day is gone we are still anticipating one major event to wrap up the year, and that is New Years! Today I did venture out into the rain and wind to score my husband the latest copy of Playboy, and to get in some bargains for myself. My husband was not lucky today, but me on the other hand went into the local Soma and scored myself some new bras and panties! How cool is that? I have bought enough coffee to get me through the winter slump and I am just ready to start off on the new year, wipe the slate clean and move forward. I just want to wrap it all up. The BCS championship game, Super Bowl, and any other event that is clinging to 2011. I feel like this may just be my best year yet, and by no means am I in any mood to slow this baby down.

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