Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Can't we just live in the NOW?

Already we are seeing the Back to School commercials and hearing about the sales and school supply drives. I'm also seeing more than I care buzz about Fall scents and such. Today is merely July 24. Summer just began June 21 and people just can't enjoy for what it is, a season. Do folks never tire of.... the "I'm so sick of....." converstion?  When Fall and Winter come you will probably be longing for some lazy days of Summer. I too can be guilty of tiring of certain weather, but you wont hear me complain about the warm; I can always cool down. But the cold? Well, depending on where you may live that cold air can cut straight thru ya!

Also wanted to touch base on my health and fitness journey. It's going great! I am currently a size 6 and loving it! My body fat/ muscle ratio is where all the focus is currently. I gave up the scale in order to remain sane! As you may know the smaller you get the harder it becomes to lose fat and/or gain muscle. One must really tweak each caloric burn and morsel that enters the mouth. But, it's a journey, it's MY journey and I'm still going at my pace. It's a lifestyle not a race. There is no finish line, no big event I have to lose 10 more pounds to attend. Just me trying to improve my lifestyle and take care of the body I've been given.

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