Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working on Me

Did you make your resolution(s) for 2013? Are you keeping them? Well I sure hope so! We are only 12 days in and if you have the proper mindset this can be the year that people take notice. You can keep them guessing! People will be asking,"Where did you get that fire?"
Above is a photo of the book I recently purchased and let me say BEST PURCHASE EVER! This book will guide you to help rid yourself of all the negative self talk, and learn to accept your life and truly be happy. Your reality is how you perceive it and we know there's many ways to see a situation. That glass you're holding can be half full or half empty, it's all up to you!
In the past I've blogged about my fitness journey and talked about an exercise program that I've been doing. I want to continue that tradition. I recently finished week 1 of Slim in 6. I want people to not be fearful to jump on the journey with me. I know that when you've been out of the game for awhile the sound of P90X and talking about "killing it in your workout" can be scary stuff. I will show you that at the end of 6 weeks I will have gone down another size and lost inches. I say inches because I only step on a scale at the doctor. I gave up scales a LONG time ago. Maybe you should too! Perhaps I just gave you something to strive for in 2013. If you have fitness questions or comments, do not be afraid to leave them below. Also I can be reached at if you feel you want to ask questions in private.

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