Thursday, January 17, 2013

What you can do to substitute soda

Are you still drinking soda daily? Do you drink more soda than water? What is it with the soda that keeps you going back for more? The sweet? Possibly the fizz? Just an addiction? Well, I'm going to give you all the tips you need to rid yourself of all that sugar intake. First, I understand you may not be willing to quit cold turkey and that's completely understandable. So what you need to do is be smarter than the addiction. Start small with buying the 100 calorie cans of soda. Put lots of ice in your soda to help dilute it a bit and slowly decrease the amount you drink per day. You see as your taste buds change your eating and drinking habits are sure to follow. After I stopped drinking soda I found myself longing for the fizz and trust me I went through every fizzy drink out there until I found my favorite drink, San Pellegrino. It's a mineral water that has that fizz to it. You can find it flavored too! I personally do not care for the lemon, I enjoy the blood orange or orange flavor. Just another tip, I enjoy the unflavored in the bottles, and the flavored versions in the cans.  Just begin to play around with these ideas and before you know it you too will be soda free in 2013!

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